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    Delayed delivery of Postpaid application


      I placed my order last March 15, 2017. i got a call after a week and the operator asked for my ID for requirements. After i sent the said requirement they promised to call again but the next call that I received was also asking for requirement. I said I already sent it and he checked it and then the operator said "oh yeah" it is here. He promised to call again for verification and he asked for COE even though I already sent my payslip already. I sent the COE right away and the operator told me that I should wait for verification. They already called my boss (I gave the number) They also called me for verification and the last operator said the next person who will call me is for the delivery. i should expect the call after 3-5 days but 3 weeks has already passed and I didn't receive any call yet. I already asked for follow up  and they told me that they will inform me as soon as they get the information..Ganito ba katagal dapat?