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    Globe Prepaid Load Expiration


      I am confused - there was a news article sa Philstar last 2012 about prepaid load expiration extending if you reload before the expiration date. Talked to an agent via FB and sabi at first is ganyan, then binawi saying that loads have a fixed expiration date. Ano ba talaga?

      Source: http://www.philstar.com/telecoms/2012/09/08/846506/globe-lays-down-measures-protect-prepaid-subscribers

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          Longer expiry period will apply..


          ex. if yong last reload mo will expire on May 8, 2017 tapos mag reload ka today ng 5PHP.. ang masusunod na expiry is yong May 8, 2017 kasi yong 5PHP is only good for 3 days...



          if yong last reload mo naman will expire on April 27, 2017 then nag reload ka ng today ng 5PHP.. then mag extend yong total load mo until April 29, 2017 kasi susundin ang expiry na pinakamatagal..

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            I have registered to GOUNLI350 which is good for 1 month

            However,  i accidentally registered my number to a gocombo which is good for 1 day.

            So yesterday (oct 25),  i received an expiry message of my gocombo registration and i tried to call a number and i discovered that my registration to gounli350 also expired. Is there a way that i can retrieve my gounli350 registration. It was registered for not more than a week.

            Globe please help me retrieve my registration