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    Globe Fiber Business




      i have some Q's


      As contract says, Fiber Business Plan 100mbps comes with one Static IP.. (mine is 120.28.*.*)  hoping that it is not under CGNAT..


      Right now, globes modem/router HG8245H act as DHCP issuing ip pattern 192.168.254.x on LAN


      the scenario: i have a webserver, ftp server, mail server, CCTVs, VPN inside my LAN and has an IP pattern 192.168.1.x


      1. can i setup globes router/modem local IP to change from  192.168.254.x  to 192.168.1.x  ?


      2. can i port forward globes router/modem  to my servers on my LAN?



      kung hindi nila ibibigay admin account ng modem, puede ba sila ang mag configure?


      kasi naman user account lang binibigay nila..para change wifi name..





      Replies from globe tech support are highly appreciated