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      UNJUST BILLING!!! Why are you charging me with Club Content, E factory, True tones, who would need these services... I called your hotline - CSRs several times, and they wont do a reversal, they are insisting these are valid charges... but i did not even subscribe to any of these. My postpaid account is already 4 yrs... then suddenly you inserted these charges to my billing statement (for these past few months)? 

      This should really be investigated!!! If this wont stop... Globe Telecoms should be held liable...

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          Hi [email protected]! Sorry for that inconvinience. You said that you already called the hotline for your concern, and they didn't adjust the amount reflected on your billing statement. They did explain to you that it still need to create a case for opt out of the said active subscription and that will be subject for investigation and forwarded it to our support group and once they validate it and they see that you haven't an active subscription, that's the time they will adjust all the charges.

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            You can call the Hotine to request for opt out for this subscription. Once validated that you don't subscribe then they can process reversal for the charges.

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              Hi samdi[email protected],apologize for the inconvenience. An opt out request should be created first prior processing any adjustment on the account so that CSR should have the basis when processing adjustment. Once done with the validation, and if found no subscription then automatically charges should be adjusted.