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    Globe Prepaid GoSurf Promo


      Hello. I just want to ask and clarify something regarding the GoSurf Promo and freebies. So here it is:

      I'm thinking na mag subscribe ng 1 month na promo, preferably yung 599 kasi my spotify premium na sya, yan talaga target ko at may 1GB free MB allocation pa. I've also read from the FAQ's na pwede mag add ng additional MB, 99 pesos for 1GB good for 30 days (I'm assuming that this will also extend the validity of the remaining unused MB's). So my question is, if nag extend/add ba ako gamet yung 99 pesos with 1GB good for 30 days, will that also extend my subscription on spotify premium? yan talaga concern ko eh, yung spotify premium. Thanks!