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    Inefficiency of Globe at its finest


      My internet was supposed to be upgraded on the 19th of April but until now, no technician visited our house to facilitate the change from 5MBPS to 50MBPS.


      A follow up was done on the 20th of April and was advised that case was escalated. Another follow up was done again on the 29th of April. A customer service representative mentioned that somebody will visit on Sunday, April 30. Surprisingly, nobody came. Another follow up was done and they said that by Monday, they will visit.


      Long story story, I am now stuck in a pipe dream. Customer Service agents from Cebu/ Manila are good. It's just the inefficiency of the other departments destroy their reputation and taking the blame.


      Any solutions to this? I'm already tired to do follow up as I am also working as a RTA for a call center.


      I'm now planning to apply to PLDT Fiber, 20MBPS with no data cap and terminate my broadband plan with Globe.