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    New prepaid sim is not activating.


      I got a new phone but my old sim was too big. I went to globe and they gave me a new, smaller sim. I put it in my phone. The new sim has all my old contacts. But soon after, the sim started acting strangely. Two dialog boxes keep popping up.


      "Please wait. Your request is being processed."

      This one goes first. It has two options: "OK" and "CANCEL". Whichever one I click it goes away and then the second message box appears.


      "Your sim is being activated."

      Again two options, "OK and "CANCEL". Either option makes the message box disappear but then the first one pops up again.


      The sim is the problem. If I remove it from my phone I can use my phone again but I have no sim. If I put the sim in another phone the same thing happens. The message boxes are super annoying. They interrupt any app I use. They pop up again and again.