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    retain/restore my old number


      Hi, I have an old globe prepaid number (0917-xxxxxxxx) which is very well known by my friends/business colleuges and the sim were lost long time ago and I tried to call and it answers "the number you have dialled is incorect" that means it is un-used by globe, can i still own it and it is registered on my name too thru gcash account, what are my requirements needed to avail my previous number and sim? and where should I go in globe offices to present my legal documents?


      thanks and hoping for your kind consideration.



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          Hi Jhun, sorry to inform you but globe doesn't retain number for prepaid accounts.

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            This is going to be a "suntok sa buwan" but what you can try is; first, go to your barangay hall so you can file for affidavit of loss. You need to indicate your lost number in the affidavit. Then, go to your nearest Globe store and tell them you lost your SIM card and you want a replacement. Tell them you only lost it recently so they could entertain your request. Don't tell them you lost it a long time ago. If lucky enough, they will be able to provide you with a new SIM card with your old number.