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    NEW Globe Home WiFi, RED blinking light, no signal, cannot send SMS


      I just bought a Globe Prepaid Home WiFi yesterday, we installed the device around 3PM, got 2 bars of signal, check the sms feautures etc. through the browser. took us 3hours to redeem the free 10 GB data, I was satisfied with the connection speed. The problem occured around 8PM when the modem suddenly failed to connect. The modem started blinking red and wasn't able to connect anymore. I tried sending balance inquiry through the browse, but failed. I did several restart on the device, even restored the default settings, but no luck. and out of my dismay (which will void my warranty, shame) I took the simcard out of the device and used it on my phone, well, the sim is working totally fine! 4G pa nga, walang lag ang youtube sa phone. so I replaced the sim, hoping this will solve my problem, but still, it ain't  working at all. All it did was blink the annoying red light. desperately looking for help. sayang ang 1999 kung ganito lang mapapala ko. Badly need help! GODbless!