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    Gcash Mastercard linking to paypal


      Hi to anyone who ever linked their Gcash Mastercard to paypal. If you can confirm the following.

      I was able to link and confirm my Gcash Mastercard to paypal last April 30th. During the process, paypal deducted P50.21 first, when I've linked my Gcash Mastercard to paypal, after I've clicked on confirm, this was refunded back, and my account is deducted P100 pesos (this is supposed to be their test charge), after that I've received a message from paypal that this P100 will be credited back to my Gcash Mastercard after 24 hours. After 3 days, it was still not credited back so I've asked paypal about it and they told me that they had already credited it to my Gcash Mastercard on May 1st (24 hrs. after confirmation), they've advised me to contact Gcash, which I did, I've contacted 2882 and talked to one of their customer rep. and she told me that there was no transaction wherein paypal had refunded the "test charge". She also told me that as per "SOP" paypal should have not refunded the P100 back, but instead kept it in my paypal wallet. I've contacted paypal again regarding this, but they repeatedly told me that they had credited back the P100 to the Gcash Mastercard...until now this problem is not yet resolved. Some of you might say that this only P100 and I should just charge it to experience or something, but this problem had highlighted the danger of "cash-in" from paypal to Gcash or vice versa. If this mere P100 they don't know were it went, how about if you are transacting P10000 or more??? Both paypal and Gcash is not exactly communicating with each other or had laid down the proper foundation between their business together. One problem was with their "SOP", Gcash is aware of one SOP while paypal is doing another. And they did not communicate this problem between themselves to better serve their customer, and rely to us, their customer to be the "middleman" between them.

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          Yes, unfortunately both Paypal and GCash only rely to their endpoints to perform transactions which I can understand the concept (it is the same analogy with Android where it only give doors and the Apps are opening them to get inside but both of them don't really know each other) so there's really no "hard" communication in between them. In my case, I used GCash's AMEX with Paypal and got deducted P50+ but it was reversed the day after. However, when I linked this GCash's AMEX to Skrill, I was deducted P100+ and Skrill does the validation differently by asking me how much was deducted which is in their own currency (ie. EUR).. I tried manual currency conversion at that time but I never got it right. I've contacted GCash & Skrill, and basically, GCash is not linked to the bank (according to 2882) therefore they cannot trace what particular item was deducted from me (sounds anchovies to me) so they cannot really see the amount in EUR. In Skrill's side, they only see at their end that some AMEX card came in and they've transacted it. Therefore, I'm afraid you won't be able to trace where that P100 of yours have gone through sadly.


          I will still try to get through Globe until I can get the details of the transactions and not just some "<insert_card_type_here> Gateway ... blah blah" in the statement. If you were able to get the transaction, please let me know also.


          As for withdrawal, until GCash transactions can be detailed, I will not withdraw big amounts, I'm going straight thru the bank and pay extra than losing it through GCash that I cannot easily trace (according to 2882). At least with the bank, I'm confident they have the full details on where the money came and gone thru with all those reference numbers they put. If worse case, I can go to the bank and rant there.