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    Congested LTE network and was told to use 3g instead


      Hi Guys,


      I have been the most part happy with Globe until last month when I suddenly experienced slow (~50kbps and high ping) on my Globe tattoo pocket wifi.


      This has not been an issue before thus I called Globe's Call Center last May 6th. I was initially given reference number 110767765 and was told to wait for a call.


      So they called and long story short, they told me that the network in my area is congested thus the reason for the slowness. I was told to monitor (bear with the slowness and the missed Mobile Legends sessions at night) for a week while they escalate it to whoever network engineer it is.


      No improvement. I called again and told them that I have an existing ticket number, which they have acknowledged and told me that it was already closed, so they had to open a new one, which is 110919301 and said I'll get another call.


      And I did yesterday. I was told that their network on this part of town (Pulong Sta Cruz, Santa Rosa Laguna) is congested, and my house is far from their base station, 600m away. Then the craziest thing I can hear happened. I was told to lock my signal to 3g. I'm like WHAT?!?!


      The reason I bought expensive equipment is to have better service, now I am being told to use their slower network?! 3G is still unstable in our area, mostly getting laggy in games and browsing after 30mins of it being used, and the only way to make it better is to restart the router, which is very inconvenient and was not an issue a month ago.


      Can you help me report this? This is unacceptable. Can you suggest a better recourse on my issue? Thanks in advance for any help.