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    Prepaid load stolen by Globe, it's a scam, rip-off, racket!


      I am very unhappy with Globe stealing my prepaid load.


      You see, I have complained endlessly, and Globe has not given me any explanation why my prepaid load is decreasing owing to charges on it, which are not due to my using any load at all.


      How is that possible? Not only possible but it happens again and again and again, until all my prepaid load is stolen by Globe, then I have to buy prepaid load again.


      This is the situation:


      I checked my prepaid load balance today and it says 1034.50, valid up to July 05, 2017.

      Then I turn off my mobile for two weeks, and when I turn it on again, and text bal and send it to 222, the balance returned is now 905.20.


      And for two weeks I had not turned on the mobile phone at all, for I was really doing the test.


      This is happening again and again and again, even though Globe business office personnel checked my consumption record and could not find any use by me all the time between the previous balance report and the present balance report.


      I ask other users of Globe, and they also tell me their sad experience, but they cannot do anything about it, they just buy load and use it right away before it gets stolen by Globe.



      But I buy prepaid cards so that I will have prepaid load available when I really have to use my Globe mobile.


      And you know, the only people who can charge users for consumption, it is the accounting people of Globe, no one else can do it!


      And Globe business office people will tell me they are investigating, forever, and never finding out, and stopping the stealing by Globe.


      What a scam, rip-off, racket!!!!!!!