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    FUP on GoSurf Plans


      I am currently enrolled to Globe Pocket Wifi LTE Plan 999 with Anti-Bill Shock. I recently received a message from globe telling me that i had exceeded my usage allocation and will be transferred to a slower speed (2G) from LTE.


      Before i signed this plan, i confirmed with globe if there would be no "Capping" because i applied for Anti-Bill shock and it is clearly stated on the promo. Globe confirms so i purchased the plan but why did globe just suddenly throttled my account!?


      Yes the FUP is approved by the NTC, but looks like globe has some violation;


      First: the implementation of FUP in GoSurf plans has not been properly disseminated. The subscribers has been in shock when this FUP has been implemented.


      Second: there is no clear information either in business center or in your website on how much data can a GoSurf plan subscriber with AntiBillShock can use before throttling.


      Third: there are just cases where throttling is just random, as per evidences and observation in different users and forums.


      With that circumstances it is clear that globe has violated what NTC has approved.