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    Where Can I send my complaint?


      I am very and extremely disappointed with your service. Last February 2017 I re-contracted my postpaid plan. As the agent discussed the pre term fee, I paid 11k for it. She never mentioned/explained anything else that I need to pay aside from the 11k. After a month, I received my billing with additional 9800 something pertaining to my previous contract. I immediately  called 211 or the globe services, to complain the said charges I wasn't aware. The agent gave me ref no. and told me to expect call from globe. But no call for a month. I called the hotline again and again but still no reply on my inquiries/complaint. Last April 5 I called again the hotline for the 4th time regarding the matter, they gave me ref# 110413846 pertaining to my complaint, told me to expect a call within 2 days, but to response from the main store and from globe itself. Today May 23, you cut my outgoing services because I have an outstanding balance, but this overdue balance is the one that I' complaining for how many months already. How can you cut my outgoing services without even asking or checking my account first before doing so?I'm very disappointed with your services. I've been your postpaid subscriber for more than 13 years already, and this is what I got? Having this unpaid bills is not my fault, it's your agent fault. It seems your agents are not properly trained to handle inquiries. It's their job to explain everything to customer every single details that the customer is needed and what is need to be informed. Customers did not know anything, how can we know if we are not properly informed? I'm just so upset with both services in the globe branch where I processed my re-contracting and to the globe hotline services for having no actions with my complaint. This is so annoying!