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      I tried to re-contract my plan last Sunday May 13, 2017, i thought everything was perfectly fine when we hung up on the phone. I am supposed to upgrade my postpaid plan to PLAN 1299 ( IPHONE 6), I was advised by the rep that the phone is available and I can do upgrade.

      I Did a follow up last Tuesday night May 16,2017, and the rep informed me that the transaction didn't go through. I was informed the the agent who processed my request was off duty and will be back the next day. I asked for a callback Wednesday morning but never got one.


      I followed up again the next day and i was advised that the rep was on her lunch. So i asked again for a call back asap once she returned from lunch and as expected never got one. I called back again for the nth time and was advised that the rep was on lunch so I asked her how long is the allowed lunch time? 2hrs? 3 hrs? And she answered me that maybe shes taking her 15min break. (Like seriously, she just got from lunch and now shes taking a break again?!!) So i asked for a supervisor but never got one, until the rep was able to let Irish(rep who processed my recontacting) call me. Shes told  me that the system didn't processed the transaction and that the phone i wanted to is not available and replenish time is 2-3 weeks. But how come she told me the first time I talked to her that they have an available unit of iphone 6?


      As a re-contracting customer, all i wanted is to have my plan upgraded. But how come, it seems that the people from the the Retention Department doesn't know what they are doing.Isn't it that, supposedly their job is retain the customer and avoid termination of services?

      I am still disappointed and pissed about what happened? I want this to be escalated to an Escalation team or whatever.


          I just recontracted today with the Samsung S8. I'm now worries what will happen to mu request. When you did the recontracting, did they provide you a reference number and did you receive sms that the recontracting was processed? oh my gee. :-(