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    Pre-order of Samsung S8+


      Anyone who pre-ordered the Samsung S8+ and did not get the free bottled speaker.

      This issue frustrates me as we have been a loyal customer to globe from years now.

      This is how my story goes:


      Early this year, i was aware that our contract with globe will end by May (The account is

      my brother's but i'm the one using and paying the plan and phone since 2015). Since i've

      used samsung during my last contract, i was eager to get the latest s8+ for my recontract.

      I asked some of the globe store on when the s8+ will be available this year and late March,

      they mentioned that it will be pre-ordered on April 17. They also advised to pre-order so i can

      get some freebies.


      When it was about to launch days before, i read their advertisements online and it says that Globe will

      give free Samsung Bottled Speaker for those who will recontract. So i called my brother at

      once to pre-order on April 17 so we can get the free speakers since the ad does not mention any exclusions

      on who are to get this except or recontracting.


      So my brother  pre-ordered the phone last April 17, 2017 and got the phone on May 06 at SM Bacoor

      expecting that there will be a free bottled speaker. My brother told me that there was no available speaker

      since there is no delivery yet. so a week after i called globe and followed up. But to my dismay, they said

      that the speaker is for deliveries only and/or for the first 1500 only which was not mentioned on the ads.

      My brother also  said that they never mentioned during the pre-order nor the recontracting. We tried to

      request for the copy of the call transaction but to our dismay cannot be released to us as it is internal only.

      So how are we going to trust their report if they won't let us see or hear the call transaction during the



      I feel that globe fooled us by telling us through their advertisement that we are to get a free bottled speaker

      if we pre-ordered the Samsung S8+. I already told them many times that it was not indicated in the ad and that

      my brother and I have been expecting the speaker since there was no advised to us during the pre-order nor the

      recontracting in contrast to their report on my brothers call transaction during the pre-order.