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    Too much data being stolen???


      Dear Globe,




      I've been using your surf promo GoSurf50 for many months but my experience just got worse this few weeks ago, it felt like it is being stolen?

      This promo usually last with me for 1 and half day or two then i'll just reload again for another gosurf50 to continue my remaining MBs which was fine with me, I'm on FB messenger most of the day, until this last few weeks that it annoys me already. As you can see in the images below, I checked my balance today May 29, 2017 at 5:45pm and i still got 1013MB then all I did in between was FB messenger video call, had it checked again at 6:13pm same day and poof my data is gone, at the start of this same day you can see at 8:07am I had data of 1983MB. Why there was an excessive data loss here? Months ago my Gosurf50 could last maximum of 2 days and all i use it for was few minutes of IG and FB then mostly FB messenger, but now it couldn't last a full day. Is my data being stolen here? I need your explanation and better data promo service.

      Thank you.18788765_1696158717064222_419962177_n.png18788369_1696154117064682_114949538_n.png