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    My internet connection is not working since it was installed.

      My internet connection is not working since it was installed on May 14. I've been calling Globe phone support for almost every day just to get HELP or to have my subscription cancelled but I'm not getting anything. Even their sales agent hung-up on me 'coz he can't help me. Your service s___! Since it was installed I've been telling their support representative that the modem/gateway that they provided is defective. It keeps on resetting back to factory default every time I turn it off. They just said that they can't do anything, like send somebody to my place to fix it or can't have it replace 'coz my account is not yet activated. It's not fault that if it's not activated, and definitely not my fault that your device is defective. So why leave me with this trouble? I WANT THIS SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLED NOW!