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    Samsung S8 -Renewal


      hi guys, I just renewed my contract today June 1, 2017 with the Plan 1799 and cashout to be billed every month of 800 pesos with Samsung S8. I just want to ask, the rep told me that the recontracting form will be sent to my email but until now, I haven't received it, Can i get a form at any globe store? Second, I was told that my handset will be delivered next Thursday, June 8,2017. Have any of you guys tried to receive the handset earlier than the date provided by the rep. Third, Did I do the right choice of getting the Samsung S8? I'm not really an android user but i was enticed with it's screen but I'm not sure if it was really a good choice. I tried to read reviews but not satisfied yet. I want to hear from you guys if Samsung S8 is a good choice or not. Thank you

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          I called the recontracting team and I was told that since I'm the one who's going to receive the handset then there's no need for a recontracting form. I'm just worried because I was told that there's no way for them to track/check the tracking number with Air21. I was told that the status is "For Delivery" so there's a possibility that I will get it on Monday even if it was dispatched last friday June 2,2017 here in Cebu. Have you tried receiving the item earlier? Please share your experience guys