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    Has anyone from Mindanao able to use the Globe Air booster?


      Hello! I'm Mark. I have been experiencing  poor cellular/GSM signal inside our house.  I called globe on how they can help me with it,


        they have checked the area already and confirmed that the cell site was indeed too far from our house, and it's a bungalow type of house,


        that's why the cellular signal is compromised.  Let me stress that my issue here is not LTE or wifi signal, my problem is the cellular/GSM signal.


         Given that premise, the escalation group at Globe, advised me to install an air booster , But it was noted that this device is only available in NCR. But I've talked to one members of the escalation team, he told me that they can indeed install one outside NCR, and it's actually a case to case basis.


        Reason I asked, if there's someone in the community that actually uses the airbooster and is  living in Mindanao.  I badly needed the airbooster, because I do not want to install any illegal antenna router which you can buy anywere. @