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    Disconnection due to un- payed bills


      Hello, I would like to ask when is a broadband connection disconnected? Due to failure of payment. My plan is 1299 10 Mbps 50 Gb. I did not pay my bills due to poor connection. I am paying for 10 Mbps yet I get 0.20 Kbps. I think that this is very unfair for me because I was paying the correct bills. I am suffering from poor connection for a few months now, and I am fed up. Please any answer is appreciated.

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          each account has it's own credit limit. if your outstanding balance exceeds your credit limit then your service will be disconnected. for example, your credit limit is 1796 and your outstanding balance is 2000 then your service might get interrupted. it doesnt mean that your service was disconnected then you won't be charged with MRF anymore, you will still be billed until the moment your debt will be sold to the collections agencies bothering you to pay for what you owe. So my advice is if you wanted to disconnect your service, might as well contact the retentions team and request for the disconnection and agree to pay for early termination fees and final bill if there's any

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