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    Unbearable scam messages (new line)


      I applied for a postpaid plan last week. It was activated last Friday night. After that, I have been receiving messages asking to send some keyword to a number with a "2" as a prefix. It was share-a-load. This is very common and I can always ignore it. But wait, here's the twist, since the activation of my postpaid line, I have been receiving not less than ten (10) scam messages everyday. It came from what I think is Smart numbers but the load recipient is globe of course. I have been receiving messages from different numbers, no duplicate.


      I went to a globe store yesterday and they told me just to ignore this but this is unacceptable so I asked for alternative. They changed my number hoping that the scam messages would go away. Surprise! It didn't.


      As of writing, I received ten (10) messages from scammers already. I hope globe would put a stop to this. It's annoying already.


      Any suggestions from the group? (Screenshots were messages received yesterday)