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    consumable not being applied to data usage, only calls and text?


      I have a Plan 2499, and I left a big amount of it as consumable. However, Globe now refuses to use it to pay for excess data usage, as follows:



      Plan                        2,499

      unli call and text    -499

      duo plan                 - 299

      data plan.               -299           [+ 1201 = 1500 max bill for data]


      consumable =      1,402 (unused yet)



      The consumable should pay for the excess data of 1,201, but Globe adds it on top of 2,499, hence, my bill is now:


      Plan                       2,499

      excess data         + 1,201     [+tax =1,235.43]





      This is wrong. My consumable amount should be used to pay for excess data, like this:



      Plan                        2,499

      unli call and text      -499

      duo plan                  - 299

      data plan.                 -299          [+ 1201 = 1500 max bill for data]


      consumable =        1,402

      excess data          - 1,201 (+vat =1,235.43)


      remaining credits =  201



      So you see, I should have P201 remaining consumable even after deducting my excess data of P1,201. That's how the sales agent planned it for me the first time, when I bought my plan -- to leave enough consumable to pay for excess usage -- calls, texts, and data.


      It appears now that Globe only uses the consumable portion for Smart and Sun calls and text usage. This is contrary to their sales pitch. It defeats the purpose of a "consumable" amount in my plan.