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    Tinder and Globe mobile data


      Good day,


      I am aware this is not the firs discussion thread regarding the matter but I have not seen much support from globe so I'd like to post this thread hoping for a definitive solution. Same experience and symptoms lang with globe users from other threads and I don't know if this makes a difference but I am a postpaid user.


      -Tinder works fine when using Wifi at home pero pag globe mobile data na "something went wrong" can't log in at all ang lumalabas

      -Reinstalling the app and restarting the phone doesn't work

      -Going to the tinder website via google chrome doesn't work either

      -All other apps work fine when using mobile data only tinder doesn't work


      These factors make it seem like Globe is indeed blocking the app like other threads have suggested. Why? I have no idea, Tinder is not harmful at all. So please, globe team I hope you can provide us with a good solution for this. Looking forward to your cooperation.

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          Hi rikki20,


          I also encounter this problem with the PayPal app on both my iOS and Android devices. My solution is using VPN. You may also try try using a VPN app for your phone. I recommend Opera VPN as it is free and reliable. If you're able to use Tinder while using VPN, that means either Globe is blocking the app or Tinder is blocking Globe's IP addresses.


          I hope this helps.