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    Minimum browsing speed 3 mbps will still be decreased or it will be the same until the normal data allowance goes back?


      I used my data allowance for the month of June, I was afraid that it will affect those websites that I will open while conducting my Online class. (I am an online teacher catering japanese) So, I called someone from Globe's customer service and then he said, that I should be aware while using the internet because the minimum browsing speed can still be lessen, but I also went to the Globe's customer service the next day and asked about the same thing, and then the woman said that 3mbps will still be 3 mbps until my data allowance goes back for the next month. So, I really don't know who will I believe that's why I am asking you guys, does this minimum browsing speed will still be lessen/decreased or will it stay at is, no matter what? Thank you for answering.