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    How do you process your GCAsh? I am from Citystate savings bank and the tarpaulin of Puregold in Commonwealth is quite misleading


      Please I need to talk to Globe marketing associate since we are quite disturbed on the tarpaulin being published in Puregold. It is stated that Puregold is accepting payments for Citystate Savings Bank loan by which we are in not in partners with them. The marketing officer(of puregold) told me that it is GCASh that provided them a list. I had further inquired from our AMD (the department handling loans) and we are not in partner with GLOBE. the information is misleading so I hope we can put an end to that. There maybe clients that may pay their loans to PUREGOLD by which again, not in  partners.

      I will expect a call today.

      My nos are 6615667 and 09278039877


      thank you


      Christine - Citystate Savings Bank Head, Corporate Planning Department