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    Why would you put UNLIMITED to a promo that is actually not?


      Is gosurfe50 a scam? Is says unlimited data but has internet capping? Need a help. I need to unsubscribe to this promo right now.


      I am a regular promo user of gocomboikea35. When I saw the "unlimited" data promo, ofcouse, I will try that promo. But I got scammed. Now, I am having a bad internet data for almost a week now. Before (7-8 hours) the promo ends, Globe texted me "Hi! We noticed that your data usage today has been really high (TAKE NOTE: I had seminar this time, so I'm pretty sure that I only used Facebook this entire subscription time). We're now reducing your browsing speed....."


      After having a very slow internet access, I tried registering back to gocomboikea35 (obviously the registration was successful), but my internet is still slow up until now. This issue started on June 16, 2017.