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    Load getting drained even if subscribed to a promo


      I loaded P500 around last month then I availed the globe combos: GOTSCOMBOGAF136 + GOCOMBOIKEA35. I monitored my load and I noticed it's getting drained like for example (it's already getting drained before June 16) my load has 216 left on June 16, then I checked on June 17 my load was 203.50, then on June 18 183.50 and so on. As of this post, I only have 33.50 left. I did not do any calls except for once. (I think unli calls is not included in the combo). But that won't explain the load getting drained every day. As part of GOTSCOMBOGAF136, I have 1000 texts to Globe/TM for 30 days. I also have 1gb available for mobile data but my load is getting consumed even if I still have available data.