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    Unreadable Text Messages sent


      I have an application that sends messages to 200+ numbers. It attached with globe modem as a device.

      Everything was working fine until this morning 6/28/2017. We sent a message contains


      "Specials Promo bigating income & Products and hatid sau. Submit mo na sa Shops Online. Hit mo na rin Commitment Goal mo.Cut off-July 3




      other number receives the whole text message correct but others received this unreadable message





        • Re: Unreadable Text Messages sent

          Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question.


          I'm just curious though. Did the owners of all those 200 numbers give their consent to receive text messages from you? Because the way you described your activity sounds a lot like text blasting which is also a form of spamming.


          However, if those 200 numbers were signed up by their owners to receive promotions from you, then you're totally fine. I hope someone here can help you.