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    I cant add my postpaid number to Globe myaccount!


      Hi! I'm a new globe postpaid subscriber.

      I'm having problems with adding my Globe postpaid # to globe myAccount online. It keeps saying, "Sorry you've reached the daily maximum number of verification requests Please try again tomorrow" when I only tried once today.

      However, i had no problem adding my other globe # w/c is a prepaid number.

      I want to manage my postpaid acct so I can monitor my data usage. Gservices has proved itself useless (indicates "No internet connection") when clearly its not true) .

      I hope you can help me.  and also new here in the community, so I dont know how to start a thread or smthn.

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          Some other people may be trying to put your number in their account accidentaly. I suggest, please try again.


          In addition, you cannot manage your data usage yet as for my experience *143# is not giving correct info and MyAccounts along with GServices does not show the mobile date. Globe suggested to me to download a Data Manager app or try contacting them time-to-time.

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              Hi! I tried doing thr process and it kept giving me the same response. It just wont work with my number. But yes, I agree that the data given by *143# is totally not reliable. So I did what u said: I downloaded Data Manager and it helps.


              But bcoz I really wanted to consult them, I  went to the Globe store where I got my postpaid. And they were NOT at all helpful. They dismissed my concern with their website, and didnt even seem to know what "MyAccount" I was referrng to when I explained I couldnt add my postpaid #.


              And to my disappointment, they just told me to download Data Manager. wc means they dont have concrete solutions to the concern.

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              I also asked about my billing.


              I got my line activated on June21. And my cutoff is every 27th. So I asked if I will be billed prorated for june21-26. The guy who assisted me said NO. And I was just too skeptical, because it goes against with what I understood with the billing process, and also with what people in Globe community are saying. In addition, he said that my data will only refresh if I paid my prev balance. In my case, I wont know if I incurred other charges (e.g. over data usage becoz I cant monitor my data w/o data manager) unless I receive my 1st bill.


              How true is this guys? Im totally confused.