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    Change color of received device




      New member here, need lang ng help regarding sa issue ko na medyo may katagalan na rin.


      Last May 31 i received my additional line but before the delivery date i requested to change the color, from 'Jet Black' to 'Matte Black' iPhone 7.

      Upon receiving the item from courier, i did not check if they delivered me the right color. It was late when i found out that they delivered the wrong color which is the 'Jet Black'. I called the hotline to ask how to change the color, they said i need to visit the nearest globe store to replace the device, so i did. June 1 after work i decided to bring the device with me and visit globe store in MOA but the store crew who assisted me said that they don't cater change color if the device is not from their store. I don't know if his telling the truth because i don't know the store protocol.

      I called again the hotline telling them that globe store refuses my issue, then found out that the globe store crew is wrong.

      Hotline mentioned that device change color procedure is to visit any globe store and if they have stocks they will replace it immediately but that's not what happened. So i came back again to MOA together with the device, hoping again that they will change the color. Sadly they don't, they just said "we don't have stocks, kung gusto mo sir punta ka sa ibang branch baka may stocks sila". I will not do that, because based on hotline, if store don't have stocks they are the one who will make a request and call the customer if they have already the device. Btw i called the hotline that day so that i have backup, where on the same line for almost an hour.

      Ending is i'm still waiting for Globe Store MOA to call me because that's the store manager told me, "I will call you sir as soon as we have available device for you" and it's already June 29, almost a month. This is the worst service i received from Globe, also i already have lots of REFERENCE number from hotline for asking feedback and status.


      Btw the device is still at the box and i never use it, too bad because i'm already paying bills.

      I need IPHONE 7 128 GB MATTE BLACK NOT JET BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Thank you, Peace !