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    HELP ! 1st bill questions




      I got my line activated on June21. My cutoff is every 27th, and due date in the 18th.

      I've had problems adding my poatpaid # to globe'a MyAccount, and Gservices app is not working, so I had no way of monitoring my data.


      So i went to the Globe stor where I got my line last week and asked:


      1. Will my monthly data allocation (16gb) be reset immediately after the cutoff date? In my case, did it reset last june28?


      2.  And what charges will I be expecting on my 1st bill? because i understand that I should get a prorated bill for the day my line was actvated until my cutoff (june21-27).


      But to my surprise, The guy who assisted me said NO. No, it will not be prorated!


      While thats a good thing,  I was just too skeptical, because it goes against with what I understood with the billing process, and also with what people in Globe community are saying.

      In addition, he said that my data will only refresh if I paid my prev balance. In my case, I wont know if I incurred other charges (e.g. over data usage becoz I cant monitor my data w/o data manager) unless I receive my 1st bill.


      How true is this guys? Im totally confused.

      I'd like to know what to expect with my 1st bill, and the Globe guy is of no help at all.

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          Based on my most recent experience with a newly activated postpaid account,


          1.) the data allowance will be reset immediately on the first day of your billing cycle.


          2.) the first bill should be prorated. It will be calculated from the activation date to cut off date.


          This is how my GoSurf was calculated for my first bill:


          GoSURF Plan 499 (3GB/30 DAYS) 05/30/17-05/31/17 - 28.74

          GoSURF Plan 499 (3GB/30 DAYS) 06/01/17-06/30/17 - 445.54


          Regarding not being able to check your data usage, try dialing *143# and see if you can check your usage from there. Also, Globe is usually lenient when it comes to data over usage for the first bill. They usually proactively waive any charges for data over usage, at least based on experience.