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    Pro-Rated Charges


      This is the first time I have experienced being charged by the so called "Pro-rated Charges."  My Plan 1299 was temporarily disconnected for less than a week and I was required to pay P4,129.00 for the reconnection. This was on May 17, 2017. I was complacent that I will no longer experience this unfortunate situation of having my line disconnected. When my June bill arrived, I was surprised to see that I am again required to pay my plan TWICE. According to their SMR, the prorated charge was during the days my line was disconnected and the number of days I am using the line which is from May 17 to June 17. As I reviewed my contract, there is no such provision stipulated.


      I have raised this matter to NTC for clarifications. Globe cannot just impose something not within the premise of the contract.