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    Activation of new line

      I applied via online.
      I got mySamsung S4 last May7,2013 with my SIM.
      TODAY: May24,2013 my line is not yet activated. Its been 17days already.
      I already raised my concern thru Globe's different customer channels. Talk2globe tab in their facebook page, 211 hotline, email, 027301010 sales dept. Hotline. Since i applied via ONLINE, they dont have any access, only online department can give a feedback/activate my line.
      They all promised me within 24hours they will give me feedback after they get information thru e-mail. To my dismay, no one gave me a call.

      Please advice what i gonna do.
      Thank you.
        • Line Activation Woes

          I wish I had browsed through the forums and blog sites first - it turns out Globe has issues activating postpaid sim cards.


          Been waiting for more than 2 days now and still nada.  So far I'ved done the following but alas no progress.


          1. Called 211 (More than 20x some calls were disconnected when I was being transferred)

          2. Used the web chat (Around 10 times

          3. Posted via twitter

          4. Posted via facebook


          All of these venues didn't really help.  They said they were going to create a ticket but I haven't received any concrete response.  I actually came in feeling good and hopeful about globe but now I'm frustrated with the service.  


          Is there anyone who can help me?

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              Normally, it'll take 15-30 mins for a sim card to be activated however CSR's advise customers that it can take up to 24-48 hours. In your case, I strongly suggest you drop around the nearest Globe center and have them check the sim card.

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                @rebornjoe, mine was activated 14 days after, what usually the Globe store will tell you, 24-48hrs if still no signal you can call Hotline, the Hotline will tell you again to wait another 24hrs for your SIM to be activated. If 3 days lapses already you need to insist @talk2Globe or hotline what is the issue. It happens most of the time Globe Store was delayed in processing your new account or they forgot to process it. 

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                    I finally got my sim activated.  I went to the globe store and talked to the New Postpaid line specialists (or whatever you call them).  Apparently, the person who was in charge of activating the sim was on leave yesterday - which is ok, if they had a backup who could do the activation - but they didn't.


                    I never got any replies from talk2Globe btw.  It makes me wonder if the "urgent" or "expedited" tickets they create are of any use as they would still be at the mercy of the globe store when it comes to activation of sim cards.


                    My tip to all:  If you can, go to the globe store on the 2nd day (when you're close to 48 hours).  Insist that you have your sim activated. Yes, you'll have to spend some time going to the store, but you don't have a choice, 211 and talk2globe won't be able to do a thing.

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                    Hi @rebornjoe what Twitter ID did you use? :smileyhappy:
                  • activation of plan
                    Hi all. I applied for a plan last friday. They told me that it will be activated within 2 to 3 days but today will be its 4th day and it's still not functional. Please help me where to inquire for this concern thanks.
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                      GL! :smileyhappy: Good that you have ur s4. hahaha

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                        Terrible experience with Globe.
                        • Re: Activation of new line
                          @Hcescala, i already did that. It seems that this problem is being neglected. CSRs gave me several reference numbers, escalated, highly prioritized etc. etc.
                          They can't even access my account since this was applied thru online channel.
                          Glenn0 already PM me, asking me about the details.
                          I talked someone from their sales department asking why this activation take so long,
                          here are the two possible reasons and i quote :
                          1. Its possible that the area is not yet covered with LTE
                          >>obviously it is not, im living here in cabanatuan nueva ecija. So i requested to please activate the SIM kahit 3G lang muna.

                          2. Possible your SIM is defective.
                          >>>how can i ask for the replacement since globe stores cant access my account.
                          ***you may call again thru our hotline 7301010 then press 2. And request for the next procedure.

                          Gaano ako katagal maghihintay?
                          Wala namang definite answer from online department. Ang sinagot lang nila, on going activation since May 23,2013.
                          Today May25,2013 lagpas pa rin sa turn around time.
                          At least they gave feedback na ngayon "ONGOING ACTIVATION"

                          may nakikita na ba akong kalinawan sa kaso ko?
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                              I think meron naman, hindi nakikita ng store kc siguro on-going pa rin your processing ng account mo para magreflect sa database nila. Like my case, I did not ask for sim replacement when i availed the S4 for recontracting, when i was about to replace it with 4G LTE SIM hindi pa makita ng Globe Store yung account ko, parang on process pa rin sya kaya hindi rin napalitan yung SIM that time at pwede lang ako magpalit ng SIM is by May 21 yun din daw kc ang pojected date para ma fully process yung account ko sa database nila.


                              Anyway, the reason of because your area is not covered with LTE is ridiculous, you just want your SIM be activated para makapagtxt ka na at makatawag, also browsing.


                              Ang suggestion ko lang talaga, call the hotline :smileyhappy:

                            • Re: Activation of new line
                              Update: it was already activated. Thanks a lot, Mr. Chua of Sales Department., and glenn0,
                              • activation of postpaid sim

                                hi po..new po aku d2,ask ko lang kung ilang oras/araw b4 ma activate ang bagong postpaid sim?




                                • SIM ACTIVATION
                                  Hello Globe, I applied postpaid plan for iphone 5. Was approved and got my unit last Friday, May 31, 2013. Kailan po ba ma-aactivate yung sim?
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                                      Hi Rikkah, new SIM Activation usually take 24-48Hrs while the activation is on-gpoing you need to restart your phone from time to time to check the signal. If still no signal, kindly call the hotline or tweet @talk2Globe to raise your concern

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                                        Hi there RikkahKrystelLegaspi,


                                        It will be activated 24-48 hours. But since you have its beyond the ETA. Matanong ko po saan po kayo nag apply? via hotline ba? Store or online? If sa hotline kindly call the customer service to follow it up as well if it is in a store you can visit the Globe store where you applied.




                                      • activation of new line :(

                                        Hi Globe,


                                        I applied via online for My Best Ever Plan 499+ADDTL 290, I got my unit CloudPad 700w and a CloudFone Excite 320g last week June 3,2013. Now my problem is, it's been two weeks and still my sim is inactive. I already raised my concern to several globe customer service channels facebook, chat with us- website and I always received an email telling me to wait for 24 hours to get response yet still no call, no response received.


                                        I feel sad because I can't make the most of my plan for two weeks now. I'm looking forward to hear positive response from you soon. I'm dying to use my plan, I feel horrible really :smileysad:

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                                          From time to time, turn the phone off and on again.