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    My load gone before i register????


      So yesterday i bought 2 cards of 500pesos each in order to load my Globe tatoo pocket wifi for a month of internet. Yesterday night moved the sim to my phone and loaded with the card. I realised  that my data connection was opened and switwh it of right away so instead of 1000php of load i had 996php left. So ok, my bad. I just removed the sim card and called it a night because i couldnt register to SUPERSURF999 promo as expected. I just decided that i will add some load the next day.

      So here we are today. I went to add 20php of load. I inserted the sim of the pocket wifi in my phone and balance inquires... and then 10php balance???


      Where went the 996php of yesterday and 20php of today??? How can i get it back??