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    Has anyone else had their HOOQ Subscription discontiued by Globe?


      I just signed up for Globe Home Tattoo Broadband and included in my Plan1299 was a free subscription to HOOQ which is an online movie streaming network similar to Netflix. I just tried logging in to my HOOQ account and was notified that I no longer have a subscription. When I contacted HOOQ to get an explanation, they told me to contact GLOBE as only Globe can add or cancel my subscription as it is a Globe freebie and they are not authorized to remove my subscription. So I contacted Globe and questioned them about why they refused to honor the plan agreement that I signed and was agreed to by both parties. I was surprised when they told me to contact HOOQ and register my complaint with them. So I did and was again contacted by HOOQ who informed me that Globe has refused to give them the confirmation needed to fix the problem with my HOOQ subscription. I then filed a complaint with Globe customer service support and after 20 days, they no longer return my E-mails or bother to contact me in any way regarding the issue. Till this day while I am typing this, they still have not sent HOOQ any kind of confirmation or bothered reaching out to me to get the issue corrected. I have never encountered such poor customer service in my whole entire life. has anyone else had a similar problem with GLOBE not honoring their contract?