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    TM or Globe??


      Hi! Can u help me understand?? I'm still confused which sim to choose.. My question is what's the major difference between tm and globe??

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          i assume you mean globe prepaid Vs. TM.  I picked TM over globe prepaid because

          1. They have better (cheaper) call and text promos.  You cannot beat 20 pesos (for 2 or 3 days depending on combo) unlimited calls to Globe, TM, ABS CBN MOBILE, and Cherry And unlimited texts to all networks I average 150 to 165 pesos a month for unlimites calls and texts.

          --- globe just has unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM

          2.  You can extend the combo promos for 5 pesos a day  for up to 365 days


          Downside:  instructions are in tagalog so if you cannot understand Tagalog too well opt for Globe


          Globe on the other hand has better

          1.data deals with their gosakto promos- a bit complicated to mix up but they are worthy bugs

          Globe also has instructions in English

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