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    Load Panalo (Ongoing Unresolved Issues)




      Good Day ,


      As you can see that I already accumulated 749++ Spins, However I'm still unable to use them up til today.

      I used all browser non works, But i used the browser in my old Nokia LTE phone tada and it worked.


      I used all 749 SPINS and guess what i GOT 749 (Info TEXTS). which is really funny coz thats always the result every time i try my luck and spin.

      unfortunately i just got the same result 749 times. not even a result such as better luck next time or sorry try again.

      In my frustration this is what i did.


      I majored in IT and i can read source codes. and guess what.

      IT is programmed to stop in INFO TEXT all the time.

      Im Guessing how did you came up with the winners when it is programmed like this.




      Globe? Xurpas??

      Can anyone enlighten me as to why there is a need to fool your customers?globelive globelive