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    VERY Inconsistent speed @ Plan 1899 50Mbps


      Hello everyone.

      I am a new globe broadband subscriber. Switched from PLDT since my connection has been down for a week.


      I just got my connection installed last Saturday, July 15.

      Though I am happy with the speed, I don't think I am getting what I'm paying for.

      I am located at Pioneer Woodlands, Mandaluyong City and they said this is a Fiber connection.


      At times it reaches 40Mbps, but most of the time it only sticks from 7Mbps to 20Mbps.

      Not even half of the promised speed.


      I understand that there will be inconsistencies but unlike PLDT, it's unbearable.

      My PLDT plan was 5Mbps and never have I experienced a speed lower than 4Mbps. It means I'm getting at least 80% of the promised speed.


      In Globe however, I am stuck to < 50% of the promised speed.


      Should I send this concern to Globe or are they going to shut me down by the keywords "up to"?


      Please advise. Thank you.