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    Globe Line Application


      iamlianixx Hello sir I have a question regarding my line application since my current working experience is not 2 years. My plan is to have my friend help me because I want to avail Ip 7 32gb at plan 2499. The only option is that to have my friend as guarantor since he is 2 years with globe now and he signs another recontract to them. Called Telesales hotline earlier to process application and we did this and that I submit all 3 requirements my POID, POBA and POFC on 3 separate email at [email protected] and CS rep said that my friend is legible for me to use him as my guarantor. Then after 2 hours Account Specialist called me to validate the application that I applied. I also advised my friend that a specialist may contact him regarding the line application that I applied for since I used him as a Globe guarantor. I also informed the Account Specialist that I am using my friend as a guarantor since Specialist is not aware and after 3-4 callbacks from that Account Specialist, the Specialist said that we cannot use the teneurship of my friend because a recent request for increase in credit limit occurred last May 2017 and Specialist said that it is a conflict. I am really disappointed since we already tried to apply since May before my friend requested to increase his credit limit yet no info was given to us that my friend can be my guarantor if I want to apply for a line and since it is too late I am eagerly waiting for atleast 3 months since Specialist said that we can only use teneurship once requested credit limit increase is atleast 6 months already and to tell you I really want to open a line with Globe that is why even if got disapproved for almost 4 times I still want to push through. Misinformation and False Promises also occurred in all agents that I have spoked to since they told me that my friend is legible as my Globe Guarantor based on the plan that I want to get. Appreciate your help. Thank you.