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    FibreHome Router - Problems with Ethernet and DHCP DNS Settings ?


      Hi Globe,


      I got FibreHome installed yesterday with 50Mbps and it works fine - BUT - I can only access the Router via WiFi - if I connect the router through ethernet and go to the landingpage at - nothing happens ! The admin interface isnt loading at all.


      Why that ? How can I access the routers admin interface using ethernet ?

      2nd question - when I connect to the internet theres a huge lag always - sometimes 10seconds - so I tried to change the DNS settings but theres only a "DHCP DNS settings" entry.
      If I enter a regular DNS adress there I dont get any internet access after that - so I changed it back to my routers adress - that works.


      But where can I add a DNS server like google / to have a better DNS response and thus faster internet access ?


      Can you tell me where I find a MANUAL that explains the admin interface ?