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    short term lock in period


      I would like to raise some concern that one of my friend have been offered a short term lock in period. As per my friend mentioned that he is being offered a short term lock in period due to "This is the way globe is thanking you" he is offered a phone plus a short term lock in period for 6 months although i didt know the other details. My concern is i have 3 active line, but i never even had a call from globe offering me a short term lock in period plus a phone, somehow this is unfair or i don't want to think that this is a discrimination or something.

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          There are many ways Globe or other telcos treat their customers. Published offers are what everyone sees but there are offers which depending on customer parameters could be taken advantaged of. There are also offers which are limited in time and the best way to find out about these things is to befriend Globe employees and even Globe Community members.


          I know for one that many of the Globe community members receive perks, get invited to events and even have special offers that other subscribers don't usually get.


          That's already a tip for you.