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      What's happening to your services GLOBE?

      hindi ko gustong mag mura. pero sobrang nakakapikon na kayo.

      Naiinsulto na ako. For years alam ko hindi talaga maganda ang services niyo pero sobra na talaga.

      Always kami nag reregister ng SUPERSURF50 at alam naman na may 800mb limit daily ang promo, so 800mb before and after 12am for 24 hours. So in total may 1600mb ang nakukuha namin. but then just yesterday umabot lang ng 770mb before 12am and 740mb after 12.

      Now we're just getting 687mb of data. Ninanakawan niyo na kami.


      Sana at least mabawi pa namin data namin. Tnx.

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          The data that is consumed is always measured using Globe's meters and not a third party like our device or some other meter. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to dispute Globe's measurement as they alone know the actual consumption which may not be the same as the reported one as there would be clams by Globe that there might be other charges still to be reconciled since the last inquiry.


          Again it is unfortunate that all our telcos (not only Globe) apply this method.

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              By the way... Supersurf 50 is supposed to be unlimited surfing for 1 day yet the subscriber is being limited to 800Mb a day!


              They might have just stated Php 50 for 1.6Gb of surfing for 24 hours.... The perils of marketing.