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    Loyalty to Globe, not properly rewarded


      I have called the Hotline to address my concern and I was referred to Waltermart Plaridel Globe Center.

      Hotline has ill advised me.  Customer specialists in Waltermart were not helpful at all.  

      I wish it were easy for me to go to Globe's main office in BGC, Taguig City. (I live in Baliwag, Bulacan.)

      I wrote an email to Globe (using the email address [email protected]) but I am not sure

      if the email address works or if the email landed to the right person.  At any rate, I want

      to communicate my concern via this forum.  Here is a copy of my email:


      To whom it may concern,


      I have been a LOYAL subscriber for MORE THAN 10 YEARS

      because I WAS satisfied with GLOBE.

      (Aside from my Globe Postpaid, I also use Globe Tattoo.)

      At this point, however,

      I would like to express my sentiments regarding how I was "treated



      Last May 2017, I called the hotline to ask about what loyalty reward

      Globe has to offer me if I want to renew my contract

      which expired last July 27, 2016.  The advice was for me to

      upgrade to Plan 599 and I will be provided a Samsung J2 Prime.

      (My previous plan was G-Text 500.)  So, I got the offer.


      Since I was so busy with my summer classes out of town,

      I did not get the chance to have my number activated.

      (I continued using my old phone with the Globe SIM.)

      After a month, I received two bills which amounted to PhP 3,000+!!

      When I called the hotline, I was told that I was charged with admin fee

      of sorts!


      Now, I discovered later that NEW APPLICANTS are actually offered

      the same Samsung J2 Prime for Plan 599.  And I thought, I was treated

      just like a new applicant AND I had to pay EXTRA FEES for that matter!

      And I thought it would have been better if I applied for a new line

      instead of availing of a 'REWARD'!



      So, I called the hotline and I was advised to go to Globe in 

      Waltermart, Plaridel so I can get whatever Globe has to offer me

      for my loyalty to Globe.

      Unfortunately, the staff there was not able to help me.

      I was told that the contract is there, I have my Samsung unit

      with me, and I can only wait until 2 years would have elapsed!

      (And by the way, the Samsung unit is so storage-inefficient!!!)

      I wish that Globe centers were more helpful to customers..


      In this regard, I wish to ask your kind office

      to render action and bestow upon me a FAIR treatment.

      I do not have any specific request for a better gadget whatever.

      Rather, I wish to know what Globe has to offer me,

      being a very loyal subscriber. 


      I believe that Globe intends to live up to its CORE VALUES:

      "We put customers first.  We value people.. In everything we do,


      Thus, I am hoping that my sentiments will be

      given due attention.


      Yours truly,


      Teacher, Ateneo de Manila University


      Account No. 406 80977

      Subscriber Name: Ma Victoria Ramos Guillermo-Paz