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    Just new with Globe Broadband and no internet connection for 4days now,


      Hi, we just had our globe broadband installed at home on Friday. I subscribed to Plan 1599, but up until now, I am not getting a stable connection, well there's no connection literally, I already contacted Customer Care few times, and then a representative told me that its about the IP address, so I logged in to, it popped up the UN: admin with corresponding pw, as per representative, the pw for PPPoE is wrong, I told her there's already info for the UN which is dec1 something @globe.com.ph then there's already a pw on it, she asked me how many character it was on the pw, I old her that it was 6, then she said supposedly it should be 9, then she gave me our account no. to use as a pw, it's not updating, it's still the default pw showing on it, she told me that she set up an appointment to have a technician visit our house and see what's going on, on the 18th, thus I need to wait for more than a week. Can someone please help me. Thanks.