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    Cancellation of globe postpaid account from Germany




      I am currently in Berlin and would like to cancel my globe postpaid. I already tried it via the roaming hotline but it does not recognize my number 09176767661 anymore.


      Need assistance on this.


      Thank you.


      Aimebelle Bautista

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          Ang alam ko po kailangan personal kayong pupunta sa globe business center kasi baka may babayaran pa kayong pretermination fee. Since nasa Germany na kayo baka pwede kayong magpadala ng relative ninyo with authorization letter or SPA depende sa requirement ng globe

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            you may call (02) 730-1300 or (+6327301300) to request for termination of your postpaid account. IDD charge may be imposed by your current network in calling the said number...


            if may family member ka pa or friends here in the Philippines, you may authorized them so they can request for termination of your account. you need to submit signed authorization letter, your valid ID and valid ID of your authorized person. You may just take snapshot of these documents and send it as attachment to [email protected] after 24 hours of submission, you may have your friend or family member to call (02) 730-1300. calling this number using Globe mobile or Globe landline is toll free if within Philippines.

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              It will take them 5 days or more to terminate your account. Currently happening to me.


              Globe Plan Termination Request


              • 0917 8554658
              • Plan 1499
              • 23 Sept. - end of contract
              • 10th of the month - bill period
              • 1,547.42 - last payment on Sept 2017 via BPI Online


              Sept. 20, 2017 (ref # - 112582508)

              I contacted Globe termination department. Spoke with Nancy Martines. Clarified that I will not be billed after end of contract. Processing for cancellation is 5 working days. Bills after Sept. 23, 2017 will be waived as per agreement with her. She noted that MRS will be subject for adjustment after Sept 23,2017 (if ever I receive a bill).


              Sept. 20, 2017 (ref # - 173413813)

              Globe Trinoma suggested that I do follow up the termination of my account to Termination department by calling 7301300.

              I spoke with Pao to enquire about the status of my request. He clarified that the processing will be 3-5 days and I will be contacted by support people. I told him that I will follow up next week if I did not receive any call from Globe.



              Sept. 21, 2017 (Tel - 7550090)

              I receive a call from Globe (755 0090) around 9AM. The CS told me that they are monitoring the request for cancellation of my account. They will have to verify with Globe Trinoma if the unit was not released. She told me that I will be contacted today of Friday.


              I told her that I want my account terminated this week to avoid receiving a bill after end of my contract which is on Sept 23, 2017.

              I also told her that I will follow-up on Friday (Sept. 22) if I did not receive any call from Globe.


              Sept. 22  (ref # - 173598366)

              I ringed termination department (7301300) and spoke with Blitz Zemerand at around 10.15AM. I insist that my plan be terminated but I was told again that it will take 5 days! Nothing I could do FOR NOW but to wait until Tuesday, 26 of Sept. I will probably end up paying another month after the termination because another bill will be generated after 23 of Sept where my plan would end.


              Sept. 26 - Talk2Globe

              Informed me that the original request (112582508) for cancellation was closed by some MORON in Globe!



              Sept. 26 (ref# - 173988011)

              Called 7301300 to follow up on the termination of my plan. CS told me that they still need to check the Trinoma Globe store if the unit was not released!

              I told her that I waited for 3 HOURS at Trinoma Globe store just to inform them that I will not get the unit and that I will terminate my Globe plan! Also, she should know that the unit was not released if she check the Globe system! Globe Trinoma will not release the unit without updating my plan!!!