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    Partial payment for device cash out


      Hello! I’m planning to recontract my postpaid plan and get the Samsung S8 plan 1799 with P19,200 cash-out. I was told there’s an option to divide the cash-out fee to 24 months and add that to the monthly bill provided the total bill is within the subscriber’s credit limit (so 1799 + 800 charge to bill = 2,599 monthly). Currently, my credit limit is only at P2300. Is there an option to pay partial for the cash-out fee and charge the remaining amount to the monthly bill? i.e., pay advance 10k, then distribute the remaining 9.2K across 24 months, on top of the monthly 1799? Thanks in advance!



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          it's best if you call the recontracting hotline for a better answer. I recontracted on June with Samsung S8. Before I recontracted,my credit limit was 1799 but the moment I inquired the recontracting hotline about it, they increased my credit limit to 2799 and I was able to get the samsung s8 for theplan 1799 and 800 monthly amortization for the device so that's a total of 2599.