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    No Roaming Network in Uruguay


      Dear Globe,


      How can I believe the slogan" GLOBE ABOT ANG MUNDO" kung wala pala kayong signal dito sa Uruguay? I am a postpaid client and before I came here in Uruguay, I went to your globe customer service center in SM Trinoma to assure and activate the roaming services on my mobile phone, and yes its activated.


      I traveled to Dubai, Singapore, Brazil and yes I still have the roaming network signal on my phone, but when I reached to my final destination Uruguay, its nothing, NO NETWORK COVERAGE and even a SIGNAL, HINDI ABOT ANG MUNDO.


      I am very disappointed becuase I have two globe postpaid numbers but NO NETWORK, I cannot log in to my online banking that uses OTP on my mobile due to the fact that GLOBE has no coverage on this country. HINDI ABOT ANG MUNDO.


      Do you have any solutions to have a network coverage on my roaming here in Uruguay?

      Uruguay has three mobile networks, the ANTEL, MOVISTAR and CLARO network.

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          Just to clarify... Globe does not have any signal except in the Philippines... What they do have however are roaming agreements with different telcos which provide mobile services in their respective countries.


          If the issue is not account related (over credit/spending limit) then it could be that roaming technical issues whether Globe is at fault or its roaming partner/s could be the problem.


          Remember that telcos in other countries prioritize their own subscribers rather than roaming subscribers when it comes to servicing tiers.


          If you need to do some online banking then I know that some Philippine banks (like BDO and Citibank) have secret questions rather than OTPs to address these kinds of problems. This feature was integrated due to the technical problems like roaming (when SMS would be delayed for technical and roaming issues) and loss of sim or unavailable mobile signals. .

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              Its very easy to say, that they priority the citizens of the country and not the foreigners, but its not also easy to pay monthly and subscribed as postpaid subscriber which globe promised that my roaming number was activated and will have signal or network coverage once I arrive in Uruguay.


              It's not easy to believed that they lied, I am expecting that everything is fine, but its not! " Hindi abot ang mundo"

              I have talk to the customer service of globe and they said :


              We understand your sentiment, Ara. There's a possibility that there is a system activity in Uruguay that affects our network. Rest assured that we are constantly improving our service to accommodate more customers worldwide. Thank you for understanding. - globe Twitter account!


              I have contacted Antel , Claro and Movistar network here in Uruguay and they said, Foreign telcos must enable the service with an agreement to be used in Uruguay, and should have the latest signal frequency of 1900Mhz to operate in Uruguay.


              Which I found out that globe doesn't have,!

              GLOBE GSM Frequency Band - 900 MHz/1800 MHz (Dual Band)

              - what a poor infrastructure telecom network have.