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    Upgrade denied


      Got Old Plan 1,599 5Mbps w/ landline, want to upgrade to Go Big 1,599 10Mbps 400GB data allowance.


      GCS: "your location is only capable of 5Mbps"


      Anybody got this when trying to upgrade? Globe is just terrible.


      my location is Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

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          it means that facilities/cabinets on your location can only accommodate for up to 5mbps speed. it would be unfair on your end if they're going to install your requested plan were they can only provide upto 5mbps. why not consider the  Broadband Plan 1299 Go Big 5Mbps, 300GB data allocation + 100GB data allocation for YouTube.

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              Ditto. I applied for the LTE plan 1299, but today when they came here to install I was told that I could only get the 5mbps speed which is fine with me atleast the agent has been very honest to tell me. I will just wait for an upgrade which will cover my place. Im sure there will be in the future. Better than nothing.