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    GOTSCOMBODD90 not working


      Hi everyone, I just wanna ask something about GOTSCOMBODD90(a promo that have unli texts and 2gb of mobile internet). I RECENTLY( as in today) registered to GOTSCOMBODD90 and I was just browsing my facebook and suddenly can't connect to the internet. I tried everything like resetting my network settings, removing and putting my sim back to my  phone and many more. I'm so frustrated coz it's like i wasted my load on a 4-6 mins time for mobile internet. Can anyone know how to fix this or has anyone experiencing the same problem like I did. I'm using iphone 6s.

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          same thing happened to me. it's so annoying when u try to check my data usage diff.reponse msgs are sent. one of which is "di maprocess ang iyong req".. another states that i am not registered. so you just make people register and grab the money out of a service u cannot provide? im so tellin my friends about this. i called cust service at 8am and stayed on the line for over an hour. no answer!